The Betterfly Tourism environmental labelling scheme is a official approachThe project is supported by the Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity Transition and is part of the Grenelle de l'Environnement.

This consists of measuring and then sharing quantified information on the environmental impacts of a product or service. This rating system is already well known to the general public as it is used for household appliances and cars.

In the hotel sector, ADEME, Betterfly Tourism, the two hotel and restaurant federations (...), have been working together for several years to deploy the environmental labelling system that Atypio Hotels Resorts has selected for the hotels in its network.

In concrete terms, this means firstly to assess the environmental footprint of the night The hotel is then given a score between A and E (A being the best score) based on four environmental indicators: impact on the climate; water consumption; consumption of non-renewable resources (energy); and the proportion of organic or eco-labelled products in the hotel's supplies.

The calculation of the environmental footprint of a night in a hotel takes into account all the stages of the life cycle of each of the hotel's equipment, food products for breakfast, hygiene and cleaning products and textiles, used for a night's stay.

In a second phase, it is then more obvious to set up an action plan, intelligently and over time, to reduce its environmental footprint from year to year.