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Our event spaces

Meeting rooms, reception in the centre of Grenoble

Choose from our 3 modular meeting rooms (from 60m² to 270m²) and our Cine-Lounge, or group them together, to accommodate 20 to 180 people depending on the desired configuration.  

Our more

  • 88 rooms (24 twins)
  • New! The Ciné-lounge, the Library area
  • Max capacity: 180 in meeting room, 90 in banquet*.
  • Illuminated with daylight
  • Equipped (video projector, flipchart, criterium, notepad, easel)
  • Terrace, restaurant and bar
  • Parking (22) covered boxes, Bus (1)
  • 100% can be privatised!


Our 3 sub-commission rooms, located on the first floor, offer high-quality technological equipment and natural daylight.

  • "Chrome" 120m² - maximum capacity 80 people.
  • "Granite" 90m² - maximum capacity 60 people.
  • "Schist" 60m² - maximum capacity 30 people.

Our more

  •  Temperature control
  •  Selective sorting
  •  Wi-Fi included
  •  Groupings : Granite+Schist (150m²), Chrome+Granite (210m²)
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1 plenary room

Our 3 sub-commission rooms "Chrome "Granite The "Schist" project can be grouped into a 270m² plenary room.

Our more

  • Temperature control
  •  Selective sorting
  • Wi-Fi included


Present at Mercure St Germain en Laye, Mercure Compiègne Sud, Mercure Chantilly (l'Atelier) and in Media-Lounge format at Saulx Les Chartreux in the network Atypio Hotels Resorts, This absolutely modular, privatizable space is ideal for leisure as well as for study days or seminars. Film screening, coworking workshop, training ... 

Our more

  •  Control of the temperature
  •  Selective sorting
  • Wi-Fi included
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